Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Rising Opportunity for Ukrainian Publishing House

Ukrainian Calgary is home to many fascinating people including authors, painters, pedagogs of every sort who rub shoulders at local social events, with little fanfare or attention.  Some of these have been pioneers in the Ukrainian publishing craft.  One of these is Lesia Savedchuk, who, while in Winnipeg, wrote a series of Ukrainian children's books that were the staple in my home for a long time!  With her success, and others including Nina Mudryk-Mrits in South America - and Halyna Koszarycz of Edmonton, and painter illustrator Larisa Sembaliuk Cheladyn, and teacher-writer Lena Gulytsan - well the list goes on.  These pioneers helped to promote an approach to Ukrainian childhood, special Ukrainian children's literature here in the diaspora.  In Ukraine, of course things have been different.

Every year for the past 50, a growing group of publishers of children's literature (literature for children) have gathered at an international trade fair to promote their wares, and gain access to international readership.  This year's event at the Bologna Children's Book Fair, a very special entry from the Ukrainian pubishing world participated - for the first time.  What a positive sign that «Грані-Т» and «Видавництво Старого Лева» were there as the first ever representatives of the entire Ukrainian language readership.  From March 25th to 28th, 2013 publishers, writers, illustrators, translators and purchasers from 1200 companies, and 75 different linguistic groups came to promote their work on an international stage. 

Chief Editorial staff members Marian Savka, and Olena Movchan were clear to describe their company as a personal initiative with personal investment.  The company is open for business on the world's market, publishing authentic product, interesting literature for children of the world, not only for Ukraine, and not only for the Ukrainian cultural and linguistic diaspora.  What a breath of fresh air - and a sign of great successes to come!  As the two say - If you want it done well, you have to do it yourself!

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