Thursday, 4 April 2013

Lucky Embroidered Tunic?

A distinctive fashion trend is coming more into focus lately.  Combing the fashion magazines for favorite or representative voices of incredible and ikonic design, one cannot help but notice how intricately embroidered, luscious handiwork is really becoming a high end choice.  In fact if one scours the marketplace, or watches fashion television, or reads the mazagines lately, everyone from great fashion houses to the more affordable shops are promoting embroidered blouses!

Season after season, year after year, the most enduring fashion choice is one that flatters universally.  And what could be more flattering than ethnic, cultural and traditional fashion? Designed to flatter every body, styling too, that fits the female form beautifully -  isn't it incredible that it is time to bring out that delicately loved embroidered blouse again!

Wear it with a little tank top.  Wear it with jeans.  Wear it under the structured blazer or jacket - even a vest!  Whether gauzy, or structured cotton or linen, it seems the ikonic embroidered blouse is back!  Check out the latest Lucky magazine,  published by

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