Sunday, 25 November 2012

Calgary Artist Wins Spot in Christmas Card Collection

If you are planning on purchasing Ukrainian Christmas cards this season, and want to support Calgary Ukrainian artists, here is an idea for you. Stephania Romaniuk, local Calgary musician and artist, has had her original work of art (a digitally altered sketch) featured in last year's collection of a special Christmas Card collection. This year her acrylic on canvas has been included in the card collection.  

An international community of Ukrainians from Canada, Australia, the United States and Ukraine is honoring the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA).  

The heroic efforts of the 100,000 soldiers of UPA (a national army of freedom fighters) began in 1942, fighting on two fronts - Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, and though the war officially ended in 1945, UPA continued to inspire until the 50's and 60's. Their sacrifice and dreams of Ukrainian sovereignty and independence would continue to foment interest and inspiration for generations to come.  

Stephania's artistic inspiration comes from notable sources including "Their Just War" (Humeniuk, Luciuk) a collection of photographs of UPA soldiers.  The immense expressive and artist potency of these images captured her attention.  She feels that contributing to this project, and winning a spot in the card collection contributes in some small way to the pro-sovereignty effort, and is especially pleased that proceeds will go toward youth initiated projects in Ukrainian community building.  Projects like ongoing awareness campaigns for the Holodomor, and support for Ukrainian language education are among the targets for this historical, cultural and political project fund.  

Each package includes 6 cards and envelopes - 4 restored vintage cards and 2 original works by Ukrainian Canadian artists, and is being sold for $10.  In Calgary, they may be purchased by contacting Stephania Romaniuk at (587)228-0220 or stephania 
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