Saturday, 24 November 2012

Canada - We Honor the Holodomor

Most cultures have a way of honoring their ancestors.  The heart remembers times past and the spirit learns, and develops a deeper, richer understanding of human potential.  Still, the loss of one individual leaves a hole in families, a void that takes so long to heal - but does it ever?

But when the loss is not one person, not ten, not a hundred nor a thousand, but millions?   What can the heart remember and what does the spirit learn?  What of lost potential?  What of lives cut short not by the will of the Creator, but by the will of "rulers"? What if we "break faith with those who die", shall they sleep? (John McCrae)

Today is an opportunity to remember the Ukrainian nation's ancestors, those who died by the will of "rulers", and acknowledge, though they are gone, though their physical strengths are gone, their amazing potential energy is still felt in the world.  A person of character will know we are not human doings, we are human beings - and the spirit is eternal!  Honor the Holodomor!

In Calgary - Saturday, November 24, 2012 -
Prime Minister Harper's statement on the occasion of the 79th Honoring of the Holodomor

Gareth Jones reporting the Holodomor in 1933

James Mace - Just as one cannot study the Holocaust without becoming half-Jewish in spirit, one cannot study the Famine and not become at least half-Ukrainian.

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