Monday, 19 November 2012

Home Decorating - Ukrainian Infused

Finding the inspiration to decorate your home can be tricky - it is hard to wear someone else's design.  However, if you love Ukrainian culture, folklore, and arts, perhaps it is easier than you think?

In an earlier blog post, I wondered what my daughters should take from our family home when they move.  An embroidered pillow, paintings from our collection of Ukrainian artists, and a bowl of pysanky - these came to mind instantly.  But there is so much more! I hope their homes feel Ukrainian too!

A friend recently recommended I pick up Ukrainian Style, a book co-authored by an American mission traveler in Ukraine and an interior designer - and I was pleasantly surprised to have discovered another admirer, not only of Ukrainian culture, but its truly human soul! A beautiful, hard-cover publication, Ukrainian Style exhuberantly celebrates Ukrainian arts in home decor.  Love it!

The book is beautiful beautiful enough for a coffee table book, but really, really much more! Whether you are interested in expressing your sense of beauty through Ukrainian arts in your home, or you are drawn by the professional interior decorating advice, delicious recipes and cultural references, this volume is a lovely tabletop companion.   The photos are just spectacular, and of course, a picture can tell at least a thousand words!

Linda Wicklund and Alecia Stevens are celebrating village life and bringing it home in Ukrainian Style. Referencing great Ukrainian museums and resource people in the Eastern US it is evident the authors have decided to represent Ukrainian folk traditions and fine arts rather accurately.  And I appreciate that proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Zolotonosha Youth Center, in Zolotonosha, Ukraine.  In this way, the authors have dedicated this volume to Ukraine's future - its children!

To purchase this lovely book contact or   A wonderful way to infuse Ukrainian style into your home decor - and pass it on!

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