Thursday, 1 November 2012


One of the gifts of the spirit is charity.  With leadership from HART - Humanitarian Aid Response Teams, you can make a difference to the poor and disenfranchised in Ukraine and the rest of Eastern Europe.  Their goal is to challenge the conscience of North Americans, and encourage sharing of our bounty with the world's most vulnerable - the children. 
On Friday night, the generous people of Calgary are invited to participate in Calgary's Annual Fundraising Dinner for HART.  You can make a financial contribution to this international registered charity. 

COAST PLAZA HOTEL (1316-33 Street NE, Calgary)
FRIDAY, NOV 2, 2012 6:30 PM
RSVP 403.230.8263 |
Space is limited and reservations will be honoured in the order of
confirmation of attendance

Cyndi Chomick Executive Director
HART – Humanitarian Aid Response Teams
T 403.230.8263 F 403.230.3279 E W

Canada: 317 37th Ave NE, Suite 200, Calgary, AB Canada T2E 6P6
USA: 1644 @ Hatcher Road, Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85021
Ukraine: Skelna Str. 1/9, Lviv, 75009
The President and Founder of HART, Lloyd Cenaiko, and HART Ukraine Director Kostya Voloshyn will welcome you, as will special guest Dr. Roman Korniyko, of Kyiv Ukraine.  Korniyko is President and Founder of "Father's House" - an internationally recognized agency, whose aim is to care for homeless and abandoned children - in this case, Ukraine's children.
Humanitarian Aid Response Teams (HART) is a Christian Relief Aid and Missions agency dedicated to serving the poor and equipping/empowering the Indigenous church in Eastern Europe.
HART is all about partnerships. We pour our resources into effective indigenous ministries, NGOs, and leaders already involved in Relief Aid and Missions projects in their own countries.

“changing the world - one heart at a time.”

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