Thursday, 29 November 2012

Prairie Dreamscapes: Reimagining Your Roots

The Alberta Council for the Arts are very please to invite guests to a new exhibit this December. From December 7, 2012 to January 19, 2013, a special show entitled Prairie Dreamscapes:  Reimaginging Your Roots can be viewed at St. John's Institute in Edmonton.

Featuring Ukrainian Canadian and Ukrainian artists of several disciplines, the exhibit premiered in September at the Ukrainian Festival in Toronto - there were rave reviews.  The dreamscape concept is coming to the prairies, to its roots!

St. John's Institute on Whyte Avenue near the University of Alberta is a welcoming university residence that has a great Ukrainian Canadian heritage.  Founded originally as a Bursa, a bursary residence, under the name Hrushevsky Institute, the residence is a wonderful community!  Over the years many generations have attended St. John's Institute and built great relationships - life long friends.  It is time for your visit!

St. John's Institute are glad to welcome new thoughts, dreams and visions - and a providing a warm, generous and hospitable welcome for this beautiful art exhibit entitled Prairie Dreamscapes:  Reimaginging Your Roots.

As the poster indicates, there will be wine and refreshments for the opening night ceremonies - hope you can join the Alberta Council for the Ukrainian Arts and join the community for this lovely art exhibit!!

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