Friday, 16 November 2012

Ukrainian Business

Did you know that the Ukrainian world is about to change for Western Canada!  Just consider what the world will be like without the Ukrainian Book Store in Edmonton!  Can you imagine!

This family owned business has served the needs of the East European community in Western Canada for almost a hundred years.  Elena Scharabun, Christina Scharabun and Mariya Balukh  - the lovely ladies who serve customers in the store, are just a joy.  With their extensive knowledge of Ukrainian things, and a collection that is just impossible to match, the Ukrainian Book Store does extremely good work.  

Just check out the catalog for the Ukrainian Book Store online - WOW!  I just did, and although I have always been an enthusiast - it surprised me too!

What did Baba say?  Don't put off til tomorrow, what you can do today!
Make a point of heading there soon - if not online then in person.  I know I plan to!!  Time is everything, it seems, these days!  Do it now!

Check out their website for sale items all the time! Stop in the store for good deals!!!

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