Saturday, 18 May 2013

Calgary's Ukrainian Community Volunteers are the Best!

It's great how those in our Ukrainian Community here in Calgary rally together and help each other with their various casinos.  So says the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Award Recipient Halya Wilson, (she's our person at the Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Association of Calgary), and she would know!  Championing the Ukrainian idea has been her life's work it seems!  In her "spare time", she finds ways to include, embrace and welcome all sorts of admirers of the Ukrainian idea on the prairies. 
So if you are in Calgary on the May long weekend, your "spare time" would be greatly appreciated!  If you can help with the fundraiser efforts for Calgary's Echoes of Ukraine, Ukrainian TV on Shaw 89, on either Saturday or Sunday, please contact Christine Musienko at (403)830-1975.
Genuine, and heartfelt appreciation to all those who have volunteered.  And an equally heartfelt to those who wish to support in another way - you choose!  Have a great weekend, and enjoy all the amazing spin-offs that come of our Ukrainian Community! 
Hey, and while you are filling your "volunteer calendar", I suspect the Calgary Ukrainian Festival people would love to hear from you too!!
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