Sunday, 26 May 2013

New Musical Director for Calgary's Korinnya Ensemble

Exciting news for Calgary's choral music scene!  Korinnya Ukrainian Folk Ensemble has recently welcomed its New Musical Director, Iryna Kalinovich (Melnyk).  Ms. Kalinovich, formerly  of Lviv, Western Ukraine brings a wealth of music expertise to Korinnya, for many years Calgary's only Ukrainian folk choir and ensemble. With an extensive performance background in voice, and specialist at the string instrument, the bandura, she is a graduate of the S. Lyudkevych State Music College in Lviv, as well as the M. Lysenko National Music Academy in Lviv.  Musical Director of Soli Deo Choir of Lviv, Ms. Kalinovich led  performances for audiences in many European countries, and recording three CD's over the course of 6 tears tenure with the choir.

Korinnya welcomed Ms. Kalinovich in spring 2013, thrilled to again make wonderful sounds as an ensemble. Korinnya is a mixed voice chorus originally founded in Calgary some 25 or more years ago.  Audience pleasing performances of Ukrainian folk music, carols, anthems and songs from Ukraine's cultural treasure chest formed the repertoire under Cathy Klopoushak-Lebedovich, founder and artistic director of many years.

Looking forward to hearing Korinnya again, with its new maestro? Intrigued by the new opportunities for Calgary's choral music scene?  Calgary may glimpse the new baton in action at Calgary's Ukrainian Festival on June1-2, 2013.  See you there!

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