Thursday, 23 May 2013

Soar like an Eagle - Sokil Project

Eagles keep soaring on a thermal updraft even though gravity is constantly pulling.  Such is the life of birds and such is the life of academic aspirants today in the Sokal Student Award Project in Ukraine.  The objective of the project is to support Ukraine's youth by inspiring them to pursue higher education, help define their goals and aspirations while increasing their confidence in their abilities.  Graduating high school students in the Sokal Region of Western Ukraine, from the cities of Sokal, Velyki Mosty, 17 villages and Internat (which is a home for invalids and children with serious illnesses) participated in the project.  There were 45 students awarded financial gifts in the 2012 year, soon the 2013's will be announced. 

Student essays on the topic "What I want to Become and How I will Achieve This" exhibited their high academic potential, character traits and purposeful goal setting.  The Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada, Alberta Provincial, as well as Ukrainian Women's Association of America, New York, are among the women's associations who are helping smaller localities with their academic opportunities in this manner.  Financial gifts have enabled study at Lviv universities in medicine and history to date. 

Did you know that the first Ukrainian Youth Association in Canada was called Eagles and Eagless?  At a 1930 Ukrainian Self Reliance League of Canada convention they chose the name Sokole for the youth group which would over time be renamed Canadian Ukrainian Youth Association- CYMK (SUMK).  In its 80 plus years, the poetic Sokil-eaglets have been proud and freedom loving birds,  kings among birds, whose ability to soar the heights has enabled perception, precision and far-reaching potential. 

It's time to put some money into the hands of those able to help a strong democratic foundation for Ukraine's leap into economic prosperity. A warm thermal updraft will keep the young eagles from Sokil Region afloat - let's help them soar!

All donations for this project may be directed to The Sokal Student Award Project in Ukraine, UWAC Alberta Provincial Executive, 10951-107 Street, Edmonton, AB. Canada T5H 2Z5

In Sokal, the Student Project is administered by the executive committee of The Charitable Fund, "Ukraine's Future, Sokal Area," through the Sokal Region Department of Education. 
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