Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Official Opening of the Cave and Basin First World War Internment Exhibit

Ukrainians of Southern Alberta will have the first opportunity to visit the new, to be unveiled Cave and Basin First World War Internment Exhibit in Banff National Park this June 20, 2013. Especially poignant for the descendants of those who were taken into custody during the First World War, it has to be a "mark on your calendar" event.

The Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association has worked long and hard to establish such excellent relations with the representatives of Canadians in various arms of government. Their decades long advocacy on behalf of the Ukrainian idea in Canada is something for which I am personally thankful.

As a descendant of the early pioneers, I can say without question that the War Internment affected my family. Tenaciously holding to their Ukrainian identity over the generations hasn't always been easy. In fact, like many families, the assimilation process is strong. But as a Canadian, I take great pride in the manner in which my government has owned and tried to right the wrong that was done by establishing yet another First World War Internment Exhibit - this time in Banff National Park. Teaching the general public about the errors in judgement human beings can make, and then leading by example in correcting a historic wrong, this special exhibit will serve a greater good, for a more honorable way forward. We can only hope the world around us will emulate this trend.

It will be a special Thursday afternoon, an excellent opportunity to reach out to family and friends to take a driving trip to Banff. Ukrainian Canadian Congress President Paul Grod is among the esteemed guests who will make the trip across Canada to mark the event on behalf of the many who cannot. Perhaps you could represent your group, and take photos for your local media outlet?

The Official Opening of the Cave & Basin First World War Internment Exhibit will take place on June 20, 2013 at 2:00 pm at the Cave & Basin National Historic Site in Banff, Alberta.


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