Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bar-v-nok Summer Camp 2013

Maybe it's the warm weather, or the fragrance of trees in bud, but it seems like summer already!!  Grass is greening, tulips are peeking over the mulch, and a day ago I saw a little blue robin's egg - surely it is finally here!

Parents love having the children home from school for the summer holidays!  After the rush of school and extracurricular activities it is a time to reconnect at a slower pace.  The lazy days of summer!

It's time to think about summer camps again.   Time to plan for the children to have an experience of a lifetime!  I know the summer camp experience enriched my life!  In fact, everyone I have ever spoken to about camp has nothing but fun times to exclaim about!  Some of us made life long friends through camping experiences, too!

So how to get the best of summer vacation for the children, a learning experience in growing up, and a well deserved parent-time too?  Planning for a relaxed, enjoyable summer camp in an atmosphere enriched with Ukrainian activities and companionship?  Perhaps you should check out Camp Bar-V-Nok!

Located on Pigeon Lake, Alberta, Camp Bar-V-Nok is well equiped for great times on the water, court sports, hikes, campfire and forest activities as well as nature crafts,  and a fabulous deck and eating hall. Bar-v-nok has a reputation for quality programming and excellent supervision, a wonderful combination!

Maybe I am repeating myself, but when is summer camp for adults? 

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