Saturday, 11 May 2013

Every Mother was Once a Daughter

Every mother who ever experienced birthgiving, knows in her heart that the entire process is a miracle.  Perhaps it was chosen, perhaps not, but the experience itself is almost impossible to encapsulate in words.  Between nurturer and child the first embrace is flooded with emotions, fear, release, capture, awe and amazement!  Nobody truly believes their capacity to feel that kind of love, until it happens - and then you continue to be amazed at its resilient tenacity in the presence of conflicting emotions. 

As is the tradition in many countries, the second Sunday in May is Mother's Day! It is a time to recognize "mother" for her most important nurturing role in society.  "Mother" is an expression of wisdom, valuing,  caring and compassion, listening and help, comfort and imspiration, and peace from generation to generation.

Each of us has unique bonding memories. Infancy, childhood, the growing years, young adulthood, maturity and beyond are touched with the influence of the female nurturer.  Of course, the journey through life is complex, but "Mother-nurturer" determines the degree of culture in a society.  Caring for the welfare of one child determines the welfare of the entire society. Over time, "mother" is wisdom.  Her patience, vision, perceptive tutelage shapes all of us. She is the keeper of the hearth, who "nurses" her offspring with the milk of human kindness.

If we are truly honest about Mother's Day, a Mother's Day card or a bouquet of flowers is really festive, but perhaps superficial in its celebratory tone. No matter how hard we try to express our appreciation, praise, flowers or gifts, there is always more that avoids capture.  Words fail us, and actions rarely speak all the truth. 

Mothers live every moment agonizing over their shortcomings, both imagined and real.  The truth is, mothers mostly feel humbled by the magnititude of their experience.  But every mother was once a daughter.  Every daughter looked to her mother in awe of her experience.  And the ancestral maternal line miraculously takes us back to the first Eve.  Happy Mother's Day to Eve, to all her daughters, all the ancestral mothers!  Luv ya!

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